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Need help finding a WordPress Plugin?

I need a wordpress Plugin that can do the followng:

See if you can find a plugin that helps to manage room reservations. We may use something like this to manage hall rentals at MCC. It should have:

– ability to manage multiple reservations for one day
– have view only option to show people what dates an times are available
– only allow authorized person to make a reservation
– have the ability to calculate cost of hall/room rental.

Posted by Ayumu Narumi

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Is wordpress org a blog host?

I want to open a self hosted blog on wordpress. If i open a blog on wordpress org, will i have to get a blog host? Or is wordpress org the blog host?

Posted by Mark

WordPress.org is the non profit origination that provides the WordPress software. WordPress.com is a free hosting service they offer, be aware there are paid upgrades typical of such so called free services, for things like using a custom domain name, which may take away their ad revenue from the site. It uses the slightly limited multi user version of WordPress. And like any other 'free' host your site could be shutdown at the whim of the host, if your using a free subdomain name the site is effectively lost. Using your own domain name at least allows you to recreate the site and preserve backlinks when relocating to a new host.

Self hosted usually means running the site on a hosting account your pare paying for. Using a paid host gives you more control over your fate and allows you to use the full unrestricted version of WordPress and some plugins that may not be allowed on the free hosted version. Many paid hosts have easy wordpress installers and these days typically offer "unlimited" accounts that your can use for multiple sites with just the added $12/yr cost of more domain names.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

I have an idea of starting a blog, and I know that I want to use WordPress, but I have discovered that there are two interrelated websites. (.com and .org). I am hoping to profit from this blog, so I am unsure which site would be the best fit.

I know that the .com website is free, but from my current understanding of the .org website, I would have to pay for hosting and for a domain name.

Does anyone know the difference and which would be more beneficial?

Posted by nellezieboo32

WordPress.com is fully hosted and WordPress.org is self-hosted. While WordPress.com is a ready-to-go solution that requires nearly no knowledge about hosting, it comes with some limitations and doesn't allow you to install plugins and custom themes.

If you need to customize WordPress and install plugins, you should definitely go with the hosted solution (WordPress.org). You can run WordPress on almost any paid hosting account and some hosts even provide auto-installers that install and update WordPress for you. If you need a recommendation, I can recommend Http://www.maxterhost.com which are WordPress-friendly.

If you're a beginner and don't need plugins with all the bells and whistles, then WordPress.com is a good choice.

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